2018 July Costa Rica Team, Day 5

Day 5 for our team was another busy one with both work and play, from a Pharoah-Moses themed skit at VBS to the blessing it was to be here on an important national holiday. Here is the update from Phoenix, 13, our trip blogger:

Our day began bright and early as usual with work at the mission center. By now, the progress everyone is making has really begun to show. Once we had all eaten and gotten ready for VBS, we headed up to the church and divided ourselves into groups. One group continued spreading prayer throughout San Isidro, and the other stayed to help with VBS. Everyone loved the skit that the younger group members put on for the kids, and we had a great time making bracelets that symbolized the colors of Christ. Immediately after we returned, the school inside the mission center performed a dance performance for Guanacaste, a Costa Rican holiday. All the kids did an amazing job and it was evident that they were well prepared. We shared a dinner with the families of the schoolchildren, and saw them off just as it started to pour down rain. Still, we managed to do a brief but meaningful devotional before bed.


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