Buenos Dias,

The morning looked extremely promising as the team gathered around for their send off to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  As they joined others on their flight their excitement could be heard by all.  Unfortunately, upon their arrival in Charlotte they discovered that their flight to San Juan was delayed by a few hours.  Although the delay is putting their arrival a little later than anticipated their joy and laughter will continue well after they have landed on the island considered by many, as paradise.

How often are we thankful for a delay?  Often we probably consider it as an inconvenience, unless, it benefits us.  A delay could be a blessing to someone else’s prayer.  So next time you are delayed, thank GOD for answering someone’s prayer, because you never know, the next time could be you.

Our conference office extraordinaire Carmen, amazing Belisa, fabulous Pastor Eric and super host Joey have been diligently working out the details for their late arrival.  The delicious dinner will still be served to the team, and we are certain many will be hungry after their long day.  Can you imagine sitting in a tranquil setting, surrounded by GOD’s beauty, eating the most amazing dishes?  Well that is what the team will be experiencing sometime later tonight, kind of wish you were there with them don’t you?

Please continue to be in prayer for the team members along with all those individuals that they will meet along their journey.  As it is custom to say in Puerto Rico to all that you greet, Que DIOS te bendiga (May GOD bless you)!  May this greeting fill you with blessings, until we post again.

Global Impact Team

UPDATE:  The team finally arrived in Puerto Rico this evening, check back tomorrow for details!