Hola from the team members in Puerto Rico,

Today the team began restoration work on the church, the schedule was discussed and an outline was created by Caesar and Pastor David (sitting down).  Jerry, Bill, Mike, and Roberto (an amazing member of the community who has awesome jack-hammering powers) worked together to dismantle and remove an iron structure from atop the church’s roof which had rusted.  Susan, Jerry, Mike, and Diana helped work on cleaning out and restoring the pastor’s office. Michelle power-washed the fence surrounding the church to prepare it for painting tomorrow.

Cheyenne and I (Kelly) worked on scraping the ceiling of the activities room to get it ready for painting as well. Nicole (translator), Joey (our trip host), Edgar, Caesar, (both members of the church), Roberto, and Pastor David were involved alongside us as well.

This cross which was removed from the area being restored created a moment of pause, thanksgiving and reflection.  While Michelle power washed it, the cross started pouring out red liquid.  Although we understand it to be the rust and water combination that caused this to happen, we stopped to ponder the significance of the blood that Jesus shed on our behalf so that we may be saved.  Times like this create a sacred space for which you are invited in, where understanding, thanksgiving and praise for our almighty GOD are abundant.  When was the last time you walked in a “sacred space” created specifically for you and you spent an abundant time with GOD?

We had a pretty productive day all in all despite some rainy weather later on which caused us to wrap up early today. Tonight’s supper included a lovely soup made by Carmen, ¡estámos listos! (we are ready) for tomorrow!  Stay tuned for more updates!

Kelly and Michelle