Buenas tardes, familia y amigos (good afternoon family and friends),

How does your day typically start?  What do you usually have for breakfast?  How do you spend your day?  Well, let me share what the team has experienced so far.

Let’s start off by saying that a family usually wanders through the campsite at the crack of dawn while spending their time enjoying the lovely gardens before heading back home.

For those of you that do not like oatmeal you have not tasted oatmeal the way Puerto Rican’s make oatmeal (specifically Myrna who cooks for the team).  Many start out by saying they are not oatmeal people, and by the time their first spoonful has been digested they are in love.  Literally, no kidding, in love, so much so that each day the team anticipates Myrna’s oatmeal.  If you are dying to know what is in it, well I would highly suggest you go to Puerto Rico on one of our serve trips and taste it for yourself.

The ladies have enjoyed getting to know Lleidy, Keishla and Carmen to mention just a few individuals of the congregation that have stopped by to help and encourage the team.  The team even gets a daily visit from Marta who has stopped by everyday to wish them well.  She even brought them three boxes of sweet pastries (unfortunately there are no photos of these delicious melt in your mouth pastries, they were eaten before anyone could snap a photo, we will just let your imagination create that picture).

The day typically starts out with a bang (yes literally) as the team continues to demolish, here is a photo of Pastor David showing us how to make an impact.

Today Michael and Jerry also removed shutters from a large inner window frame.  We are certain that the previous homeowners (pigeons) were not to thrilled about this new al fresco look.

Who ever said that finance people cannot do anything but spreadsheets, totally has it wrong.  Clearly Diana our finance specialist has proven this fact, look at her swing that sledgehammer.

Many epic memories were accumulated by the time the day was through.  The team has formed intimate bonds with their fellow Christian friends, and are beginning to discover the profound endurance of the Puerto Rican people.  Stay tuned, there is talk about a Congregational Care team member showing off her Spiritual Gifts like never before.  Buenas tardes y hasta mañana (good afternoon and until tomorrow).

The Global Impact Team