Buenas Tardes,


Let’s start off by saying that our team members have learned a lot of Spanish while on the island.  This photo clearly shows Michelle showing you what it would look like if the floor was in fact wet (in case you didn’t catch it, you will notice the yellow “Caution Wet Floor” sign on the left).

Bill has developed his painting skills, so perhaps when he gets home he will want to share more about the process.

Remember when we shared yesterday about our Congregational Care team member and her amazing contribution?  All of our trips have a time of debrief, reflection and prayer.  It’s vital to the Spiritual aspect of our evening devotion.  Susan has led the devotions and has truly brought full circle the impact of the day with our partners, the work done and the journey that brought each team member to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  To be present physically and not connected with our inner self would be a loss.  Each of us craves to be filled to overflowing capacity and the living water which flows freely and is abundant takes on a different dimension when we disconnect from our mobile devices, televisions or any distraction that keeps us from truly living as GOD intended us to live which is to be a neighbor and to love those around you.  The trip is winding down however the feeling of what this team experienced will surely work its way into their lives and those around them.

It’s been a bit emotional for the team as they have felt like they just arrived on the island.  This feeling must be similar to when the apostles knew their time with JESUS was limited.  There is renewed focus on getting GOD’s work done.  They know a good-bye is coming and their hearts are heavy but they truly believe they will see their friends again – including JESUS.  Que DIOS te bendiga!

Kelly and Michelle