Buenas tardes,


Today was a different kind of day for us.  The workday was shorter and much more low-key.  The work included sweeping, cleaning and vacuuming up the mess we brought about due to our efforts throughout the week.  A bright highlight of the day was introducing our friends to the phenomenon of S’mores on National S’mores Day (which lucky for us was today).  Looks like we got the thumbs up from Richard.

Unfortunately it was a somber day, as we parted ways with our church family in Hatillo.


Our night was spent at the church as we were graciously invited to Pastor David’s ordination as minister.  The Holy Spirit was poignantly among us at the service as we worshiped and participated in the sacred occasion.  It was truly truly an honor to be there as the keys literally were passed from the current pastor, Pastor Eric, to Pastor David.  It was very meaningful especially because Pastor David’s families cabinet business closed as a result of the hurricane.  GOD used this tragic event which was a catalyst that inspired him to fulfill his calling.  GOD once again did the impossible!  This was a unique and one time experience for us all!!!

All are welcome to join a serve trip, we have individuals on personal journeys, variety of ages (18 and over for Puerto Rico) and Spiritual readiness.  Many go once and they cannot wait until they return, I am certain that will be the case for those on this trip.  Tomorrow will be the last day in Puerto Rico for the team, I am certain they will miss their new friends.

Kelly and Michelle