Today the team visited two ZOE villages, one in year 1 and one in year 3.  It is amazing to see the transformation in the outlook and demeanor of the youth as they progress.  We were welcomed and entertained by the youth with traditional songs and dances.  Our team responded with our rendition of “Every Beat”.  

We also visited some of the youth who were working in internships outside of the village.  The photo illustrates a young man working in a carpentry internship.

We also visited a couple of ;youth that graduated a couple of years ago from a village that Resurrection sponsored.  The young lady (19 yr) in this photo built a house for her family in her village, established a tea shop in her village, purchased a plot of land for a garden (see the photo) and owns a pharmacy in Lilongwe that that is operated by a pharmacist that she hires.  She has achieved her financial goals for the moment and plans to return to school.  Truly amazing.

Later in the afternoon the team worshiped with the Methodist Church in the refugee camp.  What a moving experience.

This evening our team split up, four of us headed to Lilongwe to join the Safari tour, one went home and three stayed in Lilongwe..