Today we had a bit of a challenging start when we had a flat tire on our way out of Petit Goave…before we even started up the mountain towards the community of Nabosse.  When we arrived, we began the day with praying and singing with the patients – this is a very important part of Haitian culture.  

The first step in the clinic process is triage.  We take the patient’s vitals (weight, temperature, and blood pressure).  Then, with the help of a translator we write down their symptoms. If they need labwork, they go on to the nurse’s station which we will cover in tomorrow’s blog.  The local CHE leaders play a key role in our clinics – from preparing before our arrival, to helping organize the day, to serving with us, teaching preventative health, they are vital to the service provided to the patients.

We saw about 120 patients, and based on the amount of pregnant women we saw in the clinic, we are pretty sure Nabosse can expect a baby boom in about three months!