Our second clinic day was in Fond Doux, a 25 minute drive outside of Petit Goave. Day 2 started much more smoothly, due to a day under our belt and no flat tire!  Today we were in a clinic that was built after the earthquake, but is not in use because they have no medical staff.

We appreciated the helpfulness of CHE in setting up the clinic, getting light bulbs for the rooms, gas for the generator, and extra chairs in each exam room, and fans. In the lab area, the nurses spent the day screening patients for anemia, diabetes, malaria, pregnancy and urinary infections.

And still had time to hold a few babies. 🙂  On a lighter side, the coloring books are a big hit with the kids, who take pride in showing us their artwork!

Today we saw 100 patients, ranging in age from one month to 98 years.  We are enjoying the warmth of the Haitian people.  In fact, today a woman offered the toilet in her home since the one at the clinic had sunk into the ground.  Always something to solve for!