Today we saw patients at the Methodist clinic here in downtown Petit Goave.  We saw 100 patients, several of which had more complicated conditions than in previous days…malnutrition, diabetic ketoacidosis and HIV.  Our favorite patient came to see us again this year…Sultane, a tiny 76 year old woman weighing in at a whopping 65 pounds.  What she lacks in size, she makes up for with heart. She is the sweetest.

We have three physicians and a Physician Assistant on our team this year, including an ob/gyn and pediatrician who have been  kept busy seeing pregnant women and children!
Each physician has an interpreter who translates for them.  We rely heavily on them and are so thankful they travel with us all week.
We are blessed to provide healing while we are here, but we are even more blessed by their trust in us and the lessons we learn from them!