Early this morning we traveled back to Port-au- Prince for our Cultural Day.  We traveled to The Outlook at the top of a mountain for sodas and a beautiful view of the city, mountains and ocean. 

Then we visited Papillion for shopping.  Papillion was started by a woman who came to Haiti after the earthquake to adopt a child. She was shocked when she realized the child was not orphaned, but her parents simply could not afford to feed her.  She decided to begin a project to create jobs, and now Papillion hires Haitians to create jewelry, ceramic mugs, bags and other items. There is a child care center and school on site for their children. An amazing story.  They also sell products on site so check out their online store at papillionenterprise.com.
Tomorrow we leave Haiti with full hearts.  It has been an amazing, spirit-filled week. May God bless you Haiti!