2019 January Honduras Young Adult Team, Day 3

Our second day in Honduras was incredible and the Lord worked wonders in all of our hearts. We started the day off bright and early at 6:30 and met Carlos for our wonderful Honduran breakfast. It consisted of beans, eggs, ham, plantains and the sweetest pineapple we’ve ever tasted. We drove to El Obraje and immediately began setting up our health fair. We had several stations set up inside the church  including blood pressure and blood sugar tests, nutrition information, fluoride treatments, and hand-washing demonstrations. We also had a designated kids area where we could love on and play with kids attending the clinic. God worked in many ways seen and unseen but some memorable moments included Will diagnosing a woman with diabetes for the first time and Jared connecting incredibly with a young boy. Our team was lead by the spirit today as lives were transformed just through a small health fair.

After our clinic, which lasted all day, we headed back to Danli where the team took a short walk around to experience the hustle and bustle of the streets around us. We showered up and met Carlos for another incredible dinner. After our meal we got to experience a church service at a local Methodist church. Our incredible translators interpreted the entire service for us and it was amazing to hear what the pastor had to say about being united together in Christ. This spoke to our hearts as we experienced God in different languages. We are blown away by the fact that even though we are thousands of miles away and speak different languages, we are all children of God. Every single person on this planet was hand crafted by God. There was so much beauty in listening to worship and the sermon in Spanish. That was a wonderful conclusion to day 2 and we are pumped to wake up early and start day 3 with a hike!

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