2019 January Honduras Young Adult Team, Day 4

Today was our busiest day yet! We woke up at a very early 5:30am and headed out to hike a large hill here in Danli. At the top of the hill lies a huge cross. We timed the hike so that we were able to watch the sunrise as we hiked. It was very steep but the whole team made it successfully, the cross being a big motivator. It was incredible to look out over Danli. From the top we could hear the roosters and dogs and craziness of the hustle and bustle below. It was a truly remarkable experience.  

After the hike we ate breakfast and made it back out to El Obraje to continue day 2 of our health fair. It was a beautiful day with many people entering the church to go through our clinic. Many lives were transformed and our entire team had eye opening experiences. Many team members pushed themselves to try new things and step out of our comfort zones. We were also once again blown away by the incredible work our wonderful translators do. They are so encouraging and wise. The spirit was clearly moving in El Obraje today.

The theme for the day was definitely “fun”. More children came to the clinic today and many team members got to laugh and run free with them. There was a beautiful, child like spirit revealed today. Hours of piggy back rides and soccer left us worn out! However, that didn’t stop us from participating in a private group session of Zumba in the studio across from the hotel we are staying at. Our translator Melissa hooked us up with the private class. We sweated and laughed and danced like crazy. Life long memories were made as we just danced like children and made a fool of ourselves in that zumba class.

After our fun class, we ate a wonderful meal. Our chef Carlos has blown us away with incredible food. We are very grateful for him and the work he does. After dinner, we had a wonderful devotional together where we got to really dive deep and process our day. Today was one of the best days some of us have ever experienced, and it was because of the Lords sweet, tender, and fun spirit that we are having the trip of a lifetime. we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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