2019 January Honduras Young Adult Team, Day 5

Another incredible day of serving in Honduras has come to an end. Once again we got up bright and early, met Carlos for a delicious breakfast, and headed out to El Obraje. In El Obraje, we packed up all of our clinic supplies and headed up the mountain to a rural community called Las Minas. We set up for our health fair in a three-roomed school up there. The drive up the mountain was breathtakingly beautiful and we were all blown away by the the Lords creation. The mountains and the jungle provided for an adventurous and scenic drive. 

Once we were ready for our clinic, we had time to walk around the community. Pastor Alejandro from El Obraje also joined us on the trip up to Las Minas and he served as our guide. He was so engaging and we are all constantly blown away by the incredible work he does serving his community. It is so clear the Lord is using him as a vessel of love and hope. We got to see locals harvesting coffee beans and once again be blown away by beautiful scenery. The clinic was very successful as over 53 patients came in to see us. Many lives were transformed, ours included. After a successful day in Las Minas we headed back to El Obraje where we had dinner and celebrated Jennifer’s birthday with a special cake made my Carlos himself. We got to laugh and make memories with each other. It’s incredible how close our team has become even after just a few days.

Our devotion time was once again remarkable as we processed our days and reflected on the ways in which we saw the Lord working. We were also once again blown away by the insight and wisdom our translators provide. It is so evident the Lord is working through them and that they have hearts longing to serve Him. We are incredibly thankful to have them serving with us on this trip. We look forward to our final day in El Obraje and hiking with Pastor Alejandro tomorrow! 

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