2019 January Honduras Young Adult Team, Day 6

Another amazing day here in Honduras! Today we got up and returned to El Obraje to help with the church’s Sunday School. It was so refreshing to play games and laugh with the kids. Nick even got to play his trumpet in front of everyone! He donated his trumpet to the church and one of the boys of El Obraje already picked it up and started learning how to play it (Pastor Alejandro has always wanted a trumpet added to the worship band!). It is so cool that a small piece of Nick will remain in El Obraje even after we leave.

After Sunday School we headed out with Pastor Alejandro and ten youth from El Obraje to do an adventurous mountain hike near El Obraje. We got to really be immersed in the Lord’s beauty as we climbed up rocks, ropes, ladders, and waterfalls. We all got very soaked and very muddy but it made for lots of laughs and memories. We were all blown away by Will and his perseverance to make it to the top.

We were all also blown away by Pastor Alejandro and his Christ-like way of living. He is a key example of how to live selflessly and love whole-heartedly. He led us so passionately and was so encouraging on this hike. We were also blown away by the youth from El Obraje. They were also so encouraging and always offered us their hands as we climbed up the jungle. We had lunch at the top and soaked up the sunshine. It truly was the most beautiful day for spending time out in the Lord’s mountains. After our hike, we went back to Danli and took a much needed rest. Some of us took long naps and some went shopping. Today was a beautiful Sunday in Honduras, and the memories created today will last a lifetime.

Pastor Alejandro is so much fun to “hang out” with! Even in dress shoes and dress pants, he was clowning around. Don’t worry, we didn’t have to cross this stream!

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