2019 January Honduras Rez DT Men’s Team, Day 3

Despite the Chiefs defeat, our spirits remain quite high.  We reveled in our assent of the ‘Mount Everest of Honduras’, known locally as La Cruz.  We broke from our base camp shortly after breakfast and summited roughly an hour later.  
We also gave thanks today for safely arriving in Tegucigalpa after traveling the long road from Danli.  The road resembles the surface of the moon for bumps and craters, some big enough and deep enough to hide African elephants.  The roads also resembled the Daytona 500 in the aggressiveness and speed of the other drivers who passed us roughly every three seconds.
We met 12 Honduran co-volunteers as well who watched us go from jubilant one minute and dejected the next following the Chiefs loss.  We’ll start working on the Methodist Mission HQ building in the morning. 
That is all from the Front.
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