2019 Puerto Rico January Team, Day 2

Church,  Chiefs & Baby!

The team did not waste time hanging up the flag at the campsite, hoping that it brings luck to the Chiefs as they face the Patriots tonight.  Although several miles away their loyalty for their football team is evident.

Today during worship the team was introduced to the congregation.  Amazing fellowship and music could be felt by everyone!

The congregation along with the 12 team members were invited to a baby shower for Pastor Eric and his beautiful wife Heidy.  In all approximately 116 attended this celebration where food was plentiful, conversations were far and wide and joy was the root of the afternoon.  At the end of next month the couple will be expecting their first child, a baby girl named Aurora.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting this birth of the new Samuel Culpeper congregant member.  After the shower the team headed to the campsite with the hope of catching some of the football game.

Tomorrow the team will start their work at the church, check in to learn about their day, see you then!


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