2019 January Honduras Rez DT Men’s Team, Day 4

Today was our fourth day in Honduras, and it was a big day.  Not only did we have to show our Honduran teammates that we could rebound from the devastating loss last night that we were able to watch, but today was to be the second full day of what proved to be back breaking work for some (moving somewhere between 20 and 40 tons of material up one story, depending on who you ask), or the biggest paint job any of us had ever participated in (painting the entire new sanctuary). 
We started the day with another fantastic, traditional Honduran breakfast of beans, plantains, sliced meat, eggs, pineapple, and hot sauce that makes eyeballs boil, or the tops of bald heads drip.  We could hear the fun awaiting us during breakfast as we shouted pleasant conversation between each other to try and overcome the construction site that was actively waiting directly over our heads (the second story of the building we’re staying in).  We shuffled out the door for our 15 second commute upstairs promptly at 7:30, and split into the painting crew, and the crew that would degrade into junior high, testosterone-y competitive posturing, upping one another with our wheel-barrow skills to gain a little street cred from our Honduran friends (but it mostly garnered some severe eye-rolling).  We successfully moved all the materials that will be used to construct the rest of the second floor and painted the sanctuary before retiring for an hour or so to “rest our legs” prior to the big futbol match with our Honduran friends. 
We rented a local soccer facility for an hour and had the most fun that I think any of us have had in a long time.  It’s great fun cheering for the pro athletes on the field when they’re all your friends.  We learned that Pastor Scott was actually a Michigander Pele, and Scott probably could have a career with Sporting KC as their next goal keeper.  
After soccer, we came back for an amazing fajita dinner, polished off by a wonderful tres leches cake, and then wrapped up the day by joining a devotion session led by pastor Felix from Honduras that moved all of us, and dampened all eyes, except for two.
Looking forward to another day of good, cleansing, hard work, and possibly some more soccer, if the Advil doesn’t run out first.
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