2019 January Honduras Rez DT Men’s Team, Day 5

We started our day after breakfast with a group picture with our Honduran friends who left to return to their homes in San Pedro. After wishing them goodbye we went to work clearing construction debris, pouring concrete columns and building re-bar frames. In the midst of this work we disturbed two rats who had made their home in the debris and a bee hive nest who let both of our Scott’s know they weren’t happy. Both survived the encounter fine. 
While we were working in the morning, our main Honduran guide, Milton, made a run back to the airport. He was successful in finding our piece of missing luggage, that held used computers for the school at Ciudad Espana.
In the afternoon we stopped working a little early, showered and drove down to the Catholic Basilica. It was very impressive, with large stained glass windows, beautiful architecture and statues. We had time to sit in the pews, pray and take in the grandeur of the building, which helped us reflect on the grandeur of God.
Before heading back to the mission house we stopped at a Honduran Coffee Shop for some good coffee and tea – a nice treat. After another great meal of teriyaki chicken, potato salad, green salad and Tres Leche cake we had our evening devotion. Our devotion times have gotten more meaningful and deeper each day, with many men sharing their stories of how the Honduran men we have worked with have had to deal with significant difficult and negative experiences and yet seem to be joyful, living by their faith daily. This lesson is just one we hope to live out as we return to our homes and the people we love.
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