Buenos Dias (Good morning),

The team has been diligent about taking down the Sanctuary wall, they continue to make progress and hope to finish up by tomorrow.   Ask any one of them and you will learn that all of their energy and strength has gone into swinging a sledge hammer and at times using an electric  hammer.  The team continues to learn what it means to breakdown their old ways of work habits and have made real strides to take the time to build new ways to work together as one body.  As a result they were surprised to find themselves truly appreciating the new relationships they have built because of it.  In the above photos you will see both Pastor Eric and Pastor David using their strength (don’t believe this was a photo op, however you can be the judge) to help with the demo of the wall.  By the end of the day, the team literally saw parts of the wall come down!!!

Besides the walls of the Sanctuary several team members have been working on the Mezzanine floor, they hope to have new flooring by the end of the week.  You cannot tell by this photo, but he is having a blast, imagine being used by GOD to serve in a way that you never imagined possible.  Each of us has a gift and a blessing inside just waiting to be used by GOD, hope your turn happens soon.

Each of us crave joy and yet many struggle to obtain it.  Joy cannot be purchased for any price, it is a sensation that is felt as a direct result of experiencing GOD among us.  Joy can be yours as well!

See you tomorrow!

Global Impact Ministries Team