Buenas Tardes,

Today the team got a late start due to rain however GOD wasn’t done until HE shined down on them with three beautiful rainbows, what a blessing!  It was a day of REAL community, they were blessed with working alongside twelve members of the church. What an encouragement it was to work  side by side, it really gave each of them all a sense of unity and joy in their hearts.  They have continued to haul 24 wheel barrels of rubble away from the mezzanine which will be picked up and hauled away again.  The floor of the Mezzanine continues to see progress along with the painting that is taking place in the Fellowship Hall.  Everyone has been encouraged on the progress they have all made and have been told how beautiful everything looks.  The Fellowship Hall took on quite a bit of transformation today with tearing down the old walls of the stage, followed by the rebuilding of the new ones.  A new ceiling fan was  hung as well which really freshened the room.  For the past few days they have not only torn down old existing walls but have rebuilt new walls, both in the Fellowship Hall and Mezzanine. Tearing down and rebuilding walls has taken on a new meaning for each of them as they work together with their new brothers and sisters in Christ.  A wall built on GOD’s foundation will never crumble, a city on a hill will never see darkness.  May this wall of unity between each person serving together outlive and outshine us all.  Everyone has truly been blessed!

One of the great things about serving in Puerto Rico is that the congregation is a part of each trip.  Not only do they welcome the team members in worship, but they serve alongside each other.  Each is building the bridge of understanding and loving thy neighbor.

Hope to share more tomorrow!

Global Impact Ministries Team