2019 January Honduras Rez DT Men’s Team, Day 6

It was another fine day for our equipo (that’s a bit o’ Espanol for “team”) in Honduras.
I promised my comrades to include a Haiku in my blog entry.  So, here we go…
Our ranks are ailing.
Dysentery-like symptoms
have taken their toll.
To be specific,
it’s Montezuma’s Revenge
in all its glory.
Approximately half of our squad has been stricken with tummy trauma.  That said, we are still strong in spirit. 
This morning saw us complete seven new beams to be installed at the mission house in Tegucigalpa.  The work was conducted with new amigos from central Honduras.
We took advantage of a beautiful afternoon to witness the Christ statue that overlooks Tegucigalpa.
After a delicious dinner, we were treated to a church service at the mission house.
I’d like to contribute more…however, I’m one of the stricken troops.  It’s time to call it an early night and prepare for another fun-filled day manana.
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