Buenos Dias,

Today was the day of putting things together again and cleaning up. This included something as small as scrubbing floors to something as large as heavy construction…dump trucks and bulldozers, tile and even more paint. No one task however was more important than the other.


Several community faces showed up to help us finish up our tasks, and I am sure by doing so they will carry pride in their stride as they tell the story of this shared project. Tomorrow we will share the finished products.

We knew the Activity Center currently used as a Worship Space was complete, when Pastor Eric and Pastor David gathered to place the cross back on the wall.  That was a true moment of both reflection and celebration as everyone looked back on all of the weeks blessings.

Tomorrow will be our last day working alongside some of the most amazing people.  Look forward to sharing our last thoughts of our week as we prepare to head home on Saturday to the colder climate of Kansas, brrrrr!  Que DIOS te bendiga!  (GOD bless you!)

On behalf of the team

Global Impact Ministries