Buenos Tardes,

We started our trip with rainbows on the first day so it only seems appropriate we end with one as we wrap up our time here.  Our last day is upon us, bittersweet as we finish up the final details of our projects.   After we cleaned up the different areas we spent a few hours relaxing at the Arecibo Observatory afterwards we got ready as we headed out to dinner to celebrate our coming together with our new brothers and sisters and to reflect on a successful Serve Trip.

The team worked hard to get the walls removed, there was much pain and agony throughout the week however at the end of the day they conquered the space.  Here is an after photo, there is still plenty to do, however much more was completed by this amazing team.

The “Cindy’s” handled the painting of the gate and fence, it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do!  Looks like they are having fun in the sun, with no coats or scarves (not bitter here just happy that someone is enjoying warmer weather).


Here are the men on the Mezzanine floor, much sweat equity and love was poured out into getting this floor ready for those that will be worshiping in this space.

Finally here is the team, each one of these individuals gave up their time to serve others for a week.  A week that has been filled with many blessings throughout.  Each of us get the same amount of minutes in the day, each of us have the opportunity to share our gifts and talents, each of us can make a difference in each life that crosses our path.  Each of these individuals used their time to honor GOD by using each minute to share the gifts and talents they received to make a difference in others lives.  Consider joining a serve trip and see first-hand what it means to experience the joy that GOD wants you to feel each and every day.  For details about our trips go to www.cor.org/globalimpact

GOD bless you!

Global Impact Ministries Team