When Felix was a young child his parents split up.  His dad went off (somewhere) and started a new family. When Felix turned 6 he learned the truth that his mom had multiple kids from different men and he became angry.  As he grew older, Felix remained bitter, belligerent and acted out frequently. When he turned 7, his mother threw him out of the house – “like a piece of garbage”. He lived on the streets and tried to do odd jobs for people to get money for food.  But most days he had none and was very hungry.  At one point, he set off to find his Dad and was able to locate him and made contact. His Dad had a whole other family. He was with his Dad a very short time and was still very angry and acted out.  After a short time his dad didn’t want him either and kicked him out (again, like a piece of garbage). He was on the streets again, hungry, lonely and desperate. Soon he began experimenting with drugs and soon was addicted. At age 12 his cousin found him on the street, almost dead.  When found, his hair was yellow from anemia and he could barely speak coherently. His cousin brought him in to his household but two years later threw him back out onto the streets.

On the streets again, drunk and dejected, a random woman asked him to go to church with her.  The request touched him in a new and unique way.  Here was a stranger who had taken the risk to reach out and ask a street person to church.  He attended church, but arrived drunk.  Nevertheless, he was touched during the service and had a vision of becoming a pastor, something unheard of for an uneducated street person.  Undaunted, Felix decided he would turn his life around and was determined to become a pastor.  He received help from a man of faith named Lazaro who began teaching him to read the Bible.  As his vision began to gain traction and develop, Felix decided he would become a pastor for the children and youth who were as desperate as he had been.  Felix began to preach on the streets to save kids in need.  Soon many people began to gather to watch him preach and teach from the Bible.

Time passed and Felix met his wife, was married and now has two sons of his own. He re-connected with his father and got to know his half-brothers (father’s sons) who he learned were all cooks!  Felix can’t cook at all – irony.  Felix tried to re-connect with his mother and brother who dis-owned him.  His brother also is a pastor.  His brother said to Felix – “He wished that he could remove the blood from his body that made them related”.  Later his brother reached back out and they made amends.  He tells Felix that their mother is a practicing witch and that she killed a baby in a ritual.  They began to pray together and 2 years later their mother was saved by Jesus Christ.

Felix bought a cantina (bar) and began to meet people there.  He met men in local coffee shops and asked them to join his movement – which many did.  Pastor Felix Has grown his church from 20 in 2016 to 500 today. Recently Felix saw a piece of land that he envisioned would be a great site for a church. He spoke with the land owner who told him that the land would cost $40,000. Which of course he did not have.  He told the land owner that he would pray for him and the land.  With the help of Global Ministries, the Honduras Mission was able to purchase the land. Felix found an architect to draw up plans and drawings for the future vision of the church.  Now he’s working on raising money to build a church to reach more people.