Every one of us started out with great expectations of what our role would be like. When things don’t always go as you think they should The Wesley Covenant Prayer is never far from my thoughts. It reads “put me to doing, put me to suffering. Let me be employed by you or laid aside for you.” So even if you feel like you have been “laid aside” it is still all for God’s glory. It’s hard to swallow our pride and just listen to what God is calling you to do. But if you will pause and just be still you can hear what God is asking of you.

Today one of our Doctors had to pull an imbedded piece of rock out of someone’s eye. To watch him you never would have known just how much he fears touching an eyeball. You could just feel that God was truly right beside him. Guiding him, putting him to doing, and helping guide him through every step. Some of us headed out to the schools for dental education and fluoride treatments and I really had to pray that God would fill my soul as I felt I was “laid aside”. As we reached the last school, I realized that I was laid aside to be employed by God through his children. His amazing perfect children, that needed someone who’s own self worth was rock solid. Someone that could set everything aside and be with the children. I thank God that he gave me the ability to know my own self worth and that he really has a hand in all things.