2019 April Puerto Rico Team, Day 3

Greetings from Puerto Rico!

This island country’s beauty may have been damaged by the devastating hurricane two years ago, but it shines so brightly in the people we’ve encountered in our first 24 hours.

During yesterday’s sermon Pastor Eric of the Samuel Culpeper Methodist Church said about the Puerto Rican people as we gathered with new friends for lunch on Sunday, “Our genes are made of goodness.” Well if actions truly speak louder than words, then we were practically shouted at by the truth of those words through his actions and those of the congregation!

We met people who greeted us like we were old and dear friends – hugs all around! And more hugs to follow. We encountered amazing joy in their love for Jesus as they worshiped, and deep compassion in their caring for each other. Pastor Eric graciously put together his sermon in both Spanish and English, including giving us a script in English (more about Pastor Eric’s sermon in another post.) Two artists in the congregation created beautiful painted wood keepsakes for us. Our meal hosts demonstrated hospitality with a capital H – not only cooking delicious food for us (we were told not to expect to lose any weight this week), but serving us with bright smiles that break through any language barriers. Plus more hugs! And when navigation back to our camp became a challenge (so many turns!), Choy went out of his way to get us back safely.

Genes of goodness indeed!

It’s Monday and we’re heading out early to serve alongside these amazing, joy-filled, creative, hospitable, caring, compassionate people… we can’t wait!

DIOS te bendiga! (GOD bless you!)

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