After a full day of tear-out to remove the old, it was a refreshing day as we began to make the areas of the house that is the focus of our work new again.  The major focus was the new siding to the back of the house. Several team members moved the stacked siding from the front of the house followed by  team members taking turns measuring, cutting, aligning, and nailing to the structure.  This included challenges of working around existing windows, electrical panels, and the uneven measurements inherent in an older house. 

At noon, insulation for the kitchen, bathroom, and the one bedroom was delivered.  Two team members took up that cause with great progress.

With about three-fourths of the siding completed, we are hoping to be finished with the rest in the morning.  Drywall arrives at mid-morning and installation begins on the area where insulation is complete while work continues in hope the final insulation will be done by the end of tomorrow. Still to be done is to complete the installation of the drywall and the patching and taping to prepare for painting.

Our phones and messages are filled with stories of the rain at our homes.  Our thoughts are always with our loved ones but especially in times such as this.  We remember them in our prayers.