2019 April Puerto Rico Team, Day 6

We worked our first two days to prepare surfaces:

>Scraped and sanded the church walls to get them ready for a new paint color. Then time for primer, primer and more primer – the entire church plus the concrete base and pillars of the fence.

>Took a jackhammer to the floor tile of a long exterior corridor and stairs at the church, dust was a-flying as we chipped and chipped away at it.

>Worked on a 20×22′ floor space of Sonja’s home; the house was nearly destroyed by the hurricane. The House Team mixed up leveling cement in large buckets and used a screed technique (lots of time on their knees) to help get the space ready for tile.

>Hauled heavy boxes of 22×22″ tile up to the home.

On Wednesday, the prepping and priming turned to painting, and the leveling to laying tile.

Dave and Mike teamed up to reach the really high areas of the church using a bucket truck – a new experience for both of them! Those on the Cburch Team (Wendy, Rita, Kari, Debi and Donna) put some muscle into rolling and brushing on the new paint color, freshening and warming up the appearance.

Our new friend Choy worked with the House Team (Katherine, Darrell, Norm and Reed) to get started on cutting, laying and grouting Sonja’s new tile floor.

We worked a full day and then back to showers with the frogs, another delicious dinner and falling into bed to sleep to the sound of rain.

DIOS te bendiga!

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