How can our time of serving alongside the lovely people of Puerto Rico be at an end (and is it too late to sign up for the next trip!)?

We arrived at the beautifully painted church on Friday morning wishing we were staying through Sunday so we could worship again with our new friends and see what they think of their “new” church.

Our House Team added three members from the Church Team and headed out to Sonja’s home to finish tiling her floor. We replaced some tiles that hadn’t settled in firmly, then polished each tile. Sonja’s daughter’s family came over along with Pastor Eric, and we prayed God’s blessing on their family and this home that now had a firm floor foundation for this family to build on.

Our whole team then met up at Mia’s home where Rita and Mike had worked with Pastor David, Donny and Sergio to install a new kitchen sink and cabinet. Mia actually can see the church from her home (“I have my eye on you” she told Pastor Eric), and she admired the newly painted white cross.

Then came the most moving and meaningful moment in a giant ocean of those moments: we joined hands and Mia prayed for us. We didn’t understand a word – we understood every word.

Back to the church for another amazing lunch, prayers and gracias/adios time – plus hugs, hugs and more hugs.

When we all had gathered earlier in Mia”s tiny living room, Dina, Mia’s daughter, said, “You are all forever in our hearts.”

You are forever in OUR hearts, friends from Puerto Rico! May God continue to shine through you and Samuel Culpeper Church. You are building His Kingdom.