On Friday May 31st, COR sent a sizeable Early Response Team to the Johanning residence in Lawrence where a few of us spent a good amount of time at intervals throughout the day, listening to, and caring for the Johannings who have spent the last 25 years creating their own very unique and personalized self-sufficient ecosystem on their 6 1/2 acre property in rural southeast Lawrence.

They grow much of their own food and many of their plants, bushes and mature trees were either uprooted or damaged, as a result of the tornado last week.

The Johannings were each in tears at certain points during the day, as they continued to work beside us while we pulled tree debris up to their driveway and the road from various areas of their property.

They are still in need of much help to remove large trees from some of their out buildings, dog kennel and chicken coop.

The Johannings were very thankful for our day together. They asked us to extend their overwhelming thanks to UMCOR and our congregation for the generous services provided for them through our Disaster Relief Program. They also expressed a wish to learn more about Church of the Resurrection, so information concerning our website was provided for them.

At the end of the day, although we had accomplished a great deal and were all very tired, I think we were as touched by the Johannings as they were by us and we were sad to leave them.