2019 June Honduras Ciudad, Team 1 Day 2

Author of Today’s Post is Sheree

This morning dawned with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. After a night of torrential downpours that included hail (an anomaly in Honduras, in fact, some of our Honduran friends, for the first time ever witnessed a hail storm) this morning offered little remnants from last night’s storm. Flexibility is a word used often, and this morning gave us an opportunity to practice it. One of our team members woke up with what appeared to be strep throat. In an effort to get her to the doctor and get medication, the team was on hold due to not enough vehicles to get everyone where they needed to be. While they went to the local clinic, the interpreters came to the Mission House (instead of getting picked up on the way), and the team sat back and enjoyed another cup of coffee.

Starting about an hour later than expected, the team still got to the school only a little behind schedule. There was no stress as we know that God appears in the interruptions. All we missed was our introductory fun time with the kids and a tour – which we’re sure will happen another time! Our group was divided into 6 group of teachers covering K-11th grades. We are teaching the students English for use in restaurants, supermarkets, health clinics banking, job interviews and clothing stores. After teaching we ate a quick lunch and then headed into the sanctuary to help re-paint for the remainder of the day.

Upon returning to the Mission House, we had time to relax, rest, tell stories of our day, laugh and fellowship before dinner. Once again, dinner was delicious which fortified us for the final leg of our day, devotion, debrief, practicing the song and skit for the school devotion on Wednesday, and making adjustments, planning, and games for teaching English tomorrow in the classes.

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