Author of Today’s Post is Doty

Tuesday, June 3, 2019
On our second serve day, we woke up to another beautiful Honduran morning. Today we were blessed to go to the village El Obraje to visit our friend Pastor Alejandro and the church family there. We arrived ready and eager to see where God would lead us to serve today.
In the morning we broke into two groups. One group stayed at the church and worked hard in the heat preparing the ground for the addition of a parking lot and community space. (Now, when I say they worked hard I mean pick axes worked the ground, shovels filled wheel barrows of dirt and rocks to be hauled away.)
The second group headed over to the school to serve with the children. Relays were run, stickers passed out, a memory verse learned, and two songs were taught to the kids so they could teach their parents later in the day the importance of play. We had 40 kids there and all of them had a great time with the game duck-duck-goose and soccer. Playing with the kids you could easily see why our Heavenly Father wishes us to become as little children.
After lunch, a room was painted with primer ready for its main coat in the morning.
Another group offered a Discipleship class to the women in the church. It was taught from the book, The Leading Causes of Life which incorporates the concepts of: Play, Hope, Giving Meaning to Life, Agency, Connection and Blessing.
Today we focused on Play, Hope and Giving Meaning to Life. We were honored with stories the women willingly shared about experiences from their lives. What a gift! To end the session, we were honored to have Pastors Patrick and Alejandro share with us the blessing of Holy Communion. The ladies then surprised us with some wonderful lemongrass tea.
What a way to end our serve day and head on back to Danli for dinner and devotions.