2019 June Honduras Ciudad, Team 1 Day 3

Author of Today’s Post is Sheree

Upon arrival at Ciudad Espana today, we had time to play some soccer with the younger students before things turned to academics. AJ, Maddy, Riley, Ashlyn, Carinne, Kajsa and Jason tested their foot skills for the upcoming annual match on Friday between our team and the Ciudad Espana kids…..we might be in trouble, but we are determined! After the morning fun, the team had an opportunity to tour part of the elementary classrooms and were greeted by the kids in each one we visited. They demonstrated some of the English and Spanish letters/numbers/words and a prayer that they have been working on through the school year. They were very enthusiastic for sure!

We then went to teach our normal classes for the morning, expanding on the vocabulary and pronunciation we started yesterday. The kids are pretty eager to learn English.

We had a special activity today with our sponsored students where we had an opportunity to sit down with the child and their families and get to know them and they us. It was a great time to learn just a little bit more about their families, some of their favorite foods, activities and in general how they landed in Ciudad Espana (many are here as a direct result of hurricane Mitch in 1998 where their old homes were entirely destroyed.) It was a tremendous blessing to have this time of fellowship with these families, and we were also served an amazing meal by the families of the sponsored students.

Finally our day ended with more painting in the sanctuary, another great evening meal and additional last minute skit and song preparation for the morning.

We are encouraged once again by the letters and prayers from our friends and families. Tomorrow we press forward with the charge of Philippians 4:13 knowing where our strength comes from and that we can do all things through Him!

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