2019 June El Obraje, Day 4

Author of Today’s Post is Doty

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What a beautiful morning to start another day in Honduras! Some of the team decided to go on a hike before breakfast up to the Cross of Danli.

When the hiking team got back, we all ate breakfast at the hotel (eggs, toast with fresh mango jam, papaya, watermelon, and banana) then headed off to El Obraje for another day of work!

On the way, our leader Milton answered questions about culture and everyday living in Honduras. When we got to the worksite in El Obraje, one group went to the school and one group stayed to do construction with the local Hondurans. The group that went to the school played with the children while they were at recess/lunch and the other group started mixing concrete and laying concrete at the church. We took a break for lunch and had fresh pineapple and bananas along with sandwiches and chips.

A few of the group members visited a woman named Maria’s house where they installed a foundation wall for a room for her family last year. She had so little materially, but was so proud of her few belongings, family, home, and yard that contains an avocado tree, mango tree, and flowers. She sang us a song before we left.

In the afternoon we had the discipleship class and talked about the last three leading causes of life: choice, connections, and blessing. It seemed as though the women were more open today about sharing stories of their lives. While the discipleship class was happening, the crew working on concrete finished off the bags of concrete that we had at the church and finished three sections of laying concrete.

We played soccer, tag, other games, along with reading books with the children. We were a little late in leaving El Obraje but made it back in time to shower before we went to dinner. After dinner we took time to debrief the day by doing a devotional, as we do every night. 

Tonight, we talked about the story of the cracked pot where a water carrier had two pots; one pot was perfect, and one was broken. The cracked pot felt bad about being broken and spilling out water every day. After a conversation admitting its shame for being broken, the water bearer helped the broken pot realize that only his side of the path was growing flowers that beautifully decorated the house. We dove deep into discussion about being vulnerable in your relationships in order to have a deeper relationship and not feeling bad about who you are. Don’t say sorry for who you are because you are beautifully and wonderfully made by God!

Good night from Honduras! Hasta mañana!

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