2019 June Honduras Ciudad, Team 1 Day 4

Author of Today’s Post is Sheree

This morning was an early morning  because today was devo day at the school.  After a few days of practicing the song and the skit, it was showtime.  We arrived in Ciudad Espana with enough time to get set up before the students arrived for their normal Wednesday morning devotion and worship that took place today on the newly covered sports court outside.  We began with the song “Every Beat” which was a repeat of last year so some of the students already knew the song.  It’s fun to think about the nearby neighbors hearing Christian music played and sung and danced to coming from the school.

After the song, the team put together a skit on “The Wise Man vs The Foolish Man” that entailed water props, running, and “fake water” being splashed onto the kids.  The moral of the story was that when tough times head your way, if your life is built on God, our Rock, then you will be able to stand firm.  But if you build your life on superficial things like owning the newest, best toy, or pride, or power, when tough times come, your life will crumble.  Oftentimes when you are trying to teach things to others, you find yourself learning as much as, if not more, than those you are teaching.  We are hopeful it was a good reminder for the students too.

While we thought we were topping off the devotion time with another rendition of “Every Beat”, it was fun to see the students had a dance routine for us as well.  It was a beautiful morning of worshipping together where we led some, and they led some.

Today was day 3 of teaching in the classrooms and painting the sanctuary.  While the kids continue to learn, we kind of wish we had  more time to spend with them to keep practicing.  With that said, we are excited to know another team is coming right behind us to continue working with them on their new speaking skills.  While we were doing similar things today as the previous days, we had a few fun deviations.  First of all, some of the teachers remained behind and taught us a dance to a Christian song in Spanish.  Sooooo much fun! 

Our second opportunity took place when Fanny, a sponsored university student, came by to tell us a little about what was happening in her life.  She only has 2 semesters left of school but she already has a job working for the government to help make Ciudad España a safer community.  She is working with the police to continue clearing out gangs, working with the city to put in roads & street lights, plus planning community events.  She recently organized a movie night in the town square, something that could never be done before.  Her hard work, with the support and encouragement of her sponsor, has not only changed her life, but now her community.  It just doesn’t get better than that!

This evening we worked on our last set of lesson plans in preparation for tomorrow.  Then we topped off the day with a devotion on God’s will vs our will and what experiences did we have today where we sacrificed our will for God’s.  Through different people’s examples, we are reminded that His will is always better, and Robin summed it up saying, “I like it when God doesn’t answer my prayers because I find that my prayers only go so high in expectations, but when God answers, they are always so much more than I ever could have imagined or dreamed.”  A good reminder that God always knows best, and if we’d just allow Him to take the reins of our lives in all ways, our lives can make a difference in this world beyond whatever we could think of.

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