2019 June Honduras Ciudad, Team 1 Day 5

Author of Today’s Post is Sheree

It was simply another amazing day here in Honduras as we wrapped up the English teaching portion of the trip along with our service project of painting the sanctuary. A lot has certainly been accomplished over the last 4 days.

As we started our morning, we had an opportunity to deliver hand written letters to the sponsored students at the Juan Wesley School today from their sponsors back home. The students are thrilled to receive them and open them instantly to read the messages from their sponsors. It was a lot of fun to watch them gather and be excited. It was a great way to start the day.

Our last day of teaching was met with the reality of knowing we are about wrapped up with our trip. The English class lesson planning is done with a bit of a relief for the planners, but that also brings a few tears from students and teachers alike knowing this will be the last time we see some of the students we have spent 4 days with on the trip. Lots of hugs, pictures, and English/Spanish goodbyes were shared. More are yet to come tomorrow and Sunday.

We did have a short lunch break followed by our dance practice for tomorrow’s activity day. We have been learning a Honduran dance prepared by one of the teachers…with the understanding that we may be called upon to share in the dance during tomorrow morning’s fun activities.

The afternoon schedule split the group between painting and some fun time developing the relationships with some of the students this week. Even though it has only been 4 days with them, it does feel like much longer – their love is unconditional and boundless. It is quite amazing that although a language barrier exists for many of us, that does not get in the way of having fun or working alongside them to accomplish wonderful things.

The group may be tired day to day, but we know that God sustains those who are focused on serving Him. We march on and look forward to what tomorrow brings through work, play and fellowship.

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