2019 June Honduras Ciudad, Team 2 Day 1

Hi, this is Madison writing today (we will have two bloggers this week, Alyssa will be my partner)!

I think everyone on the trip would agree that today was a lot. It was a lot of patience. A lot of tiredness. A lot of new experiences. But also (sorry to be cheesy), a lot of fun. Briefly, we flew from Kansas City to Miami and after a few delays were safely en route to Honduras. After we got through the airport we had an incredible meal at Pollo Supremo. We also were able to bond as a group with Catch Phrase.

As for me personally, this first day has already taught me a lot about how appreciative I am for the Spanish classes I have taken prior to this trip. There’s nothing like going and actually visiting a Spanish country to make every bit of your classes and hard work over the last four years worthwhile. Spanish was a class I honestly always ended up feeling unmotivated to the point of almost dropping out of. I asked myself, “How is this useful to me in my life right now?” I have found that Spanish becomes the most useful class you have taken when you are standing in a place like Honduras. All of the other classes I have taken, even those I am most passionate about, are forced to fade to the back of my mind while I am here, and I am so dependent upon my Spanish. There is something I have to love about being able to read the signs, about catching a few phrases from what I hear people say. About putting together a few words and being able to tell the lady working at the baggage claim with the country passes (is that the name?), even within a few minutes of being in the country. I’m already starting to find a love for the Spanish language, and I can’t wait to see what connections present themselves with the people.

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