Bloggers for this post are Madison & Alyssa

Today started with a mix of apprehension and excitement as we headed to Cuidad for our first day of teaching! This week we are continuing the English lessons that team 1 did the previous week. We are teaching classes of Kindergartners through eleventh graders – quite the range! We have a few teachers on the team and a few members who have taught on mission trips before, but for some the experience was totally new. However, everyone dove in with enthusiasm.

After lunch, the second part of the day was used to complete various projects around the church. Some of the team painted railings, while the other team moved heavy cinder blocks up a hill. It really was a workout!  We moved over 200 blocks in one afternoon!

Overall we were all pushed out of our comfort zones today, whether it was during the teaching portion of the day, the construction portion, or both. During our devotion after dinner, we were asking to describe one positive that came out of the low point of our day. It was an excellent reminder that even when we feel like we are failing or haven’t accomplished anything, there is still some good that has come out of it. It’s a reminder that God is there with us through discomfort and suffering, and that those things can actually help us grow closer to God.