Author of Today’s Post is Doty

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Today was a day of culture, enjoying each other’s company and refreshing our bodies and minds. We started the day driving to the Christ statue to experience the nature surrounding it along with the stunning views of the city beneath us. Someone must have called ahead to reserve the space because we walked around completely unencumbered by other people. It was a beautiful display of God’s artwork through nature with some handmade artwork scattered around with Christ as the largest display of art to the community. 

We then headed up to Santa Lucia to have a cup of coffee and see the views from the patio which did not disappoint. It felt like we were in a resort in this quaint city that also allowed us to see many town’s people in their best dress as there had been a town wedding that most were coming from. Everyone agreed the coffee and drinks were the best of the trip. 

Lunch was calling so we took the bus up even further to Valle de Angeles to eat the local delicacy of papusas in an open-air restaurant. Hammocks were around and some caught a little relaxation while our fare was being prepared. The food was authentic and a real treat for everyone to experience. We had a couple of hours to shop and enjoy the local scene in the courtyard.

Once we shopped and filled our bags, we had a couple of hours of downtime at the hotel where naps and cards were rampant. It was a nice break of being together without a rush.

Dinner was at El Patio and it was lively!! There was live music and lots of dancing. The team really let their hair down and enjoyed the spirit of the Honduran culture. Oh, and the food was delicious.

Finally, our last night in Honduras was a last devotion time and then on to bed for a good night’s sleep. Sunday will be a long day of travel and saying goodbyes to those that have touched us deeply in our stay here.

USA (almost) here we come!