Author of Today’s Post is Doty

Sunday, June 9, 2019 

This is the final blog post from our trip, it’s hard to believe! On our final day in Honduras, the Team ventured to Ciudad España for a Sunday morning church service. This was a unique opportunity because it included the gathering of three Church of the Resurrection teams. The beautiful music, the dancing children, an impactful sermon from the Pastor, it was an incredible way to say goodbye.

God saw us safely home with no airport or luggage issues. We are so grateful for the ways that our Team was blessed by the Honduran people this week, our global brothers and sisters. There are countless stories and experiences, expressions of team work, love and communication, sometimes even without words. We are called to live a life like Christ, to help those in need, to build relationships with people outside the city limits of Kansas City. Our partnership in Honduras is strong and impactful and necessary for not only the Hondurans, but the Missourians as well. We learned this week that we are all “Americans” and we most certainly are. We will treasure the time we had in this beautiful country with this beautiful people. 

Thank you to all of our prayer partners, mentors, family, friends and church. We felt your prayers every, single day. Those prayers guided us throughout the week, they gave us patience and flexibility when we needed it, they gave us strength when shoveling and hauling concrete, they gave us peace when we became uncomfortable, they bonded not only our team together, but our team to the Honduran people.

Missions is something so meaningful, you can’t measure it in Dollars or Lempira, English or Spanish, bananas or plantains. It is an experience like no other, all are encouraged to step up, sign up and spread the love of God around the world, outside the borders of comfort and home.

Many thanks to the Pastors, translators and our operations director, Milton. Without any of them, we could not have had the opportunity to work, worship, play, learn and love in the Honduran communities we visited.

En el amor de dios,

Team Honduras 2019, RezDT