2019 June Honduras Ciudad, Team 2 Day 5

Bloggers for this post are Madison & Alyssa

There were a lot of ups and downs today, but it gave us the opportunity to look for God in both situations. Many of our team members weren’t feeling well today, but you wouldn’t have known that by the end of the day.

Our team showed some awesome flexibility during the teaching portion. One teaching lead wasn’t able to teach, so members of the team shuffled around so that at least two members were in each class. Prior to class, we performed a skit in front of the entire school of Jesus staying behind in Jerusalem to learn in the temple when he was a boy. We also led the school in a dance. The joy on the students’ faces was truly a blessing.

It rained almost the entire afternoon, so we were inside painting the school instead of outside moving cinder blocks, which many of us were thankful for, especially since a lot of us weren’t feeling our best. We made a lot of progress since all of us were painting together.

While the day certainly felt chaotic, the drive back to Tegucigalpa was the perfect ending. We saw a double rainbow just as we were leaving Cuidad. Then we had the opportunity to buy some Honduran snacks from the grocery store, and it was so much fun to share the snacks we chose. The day might not go to our plan, but it definitely goes to God’s plan.

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