2019 June Malawi Medical Team, Thursday

Today was our last clinic in the Dzelaka refugee camp. We saw over 125 who have fled the violence or genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan and other countries. It was such a rewarding day to be with the refugees and hear their stories. We were all a bit sad as this was our last clinic.

Church where the clinic was held
Pam with a Malawian nurse and translators
People waiting to see the doctor.

We have treated over 550 people this week. There have been several cases of malaria, mostly children, so please keep them in your prayers. Lives have been touched and memories made.

This little girl was a chatter box! Babies all over the world make the same sweet sounds!

Tomorrow, Friday, we will go see some ZOE groups and learn more about their program of empowering orphan or vulnerable children. Then back to Lilongwe for the night.

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