2019 June Honduras Ciudad, Team 2 Day 8

Bloggers for this post are Madison & Alyssa

Christ Statute in El Picacho

After getting to bed very late, it was an early morning for all of us, but we were able to get our bags to the door by 6:00am (well, more like 6:10am). We drove out to see the Christ statue, fully known as Christ at El Picacho. We were a little early so we were able to walk around in the gardens surrounding the statue, and some members of our team even hiked up a recreation of a Mayan temple. Though the statue was glorious, the main event happened to be the views that we saw walking about near the statue. Viewing Tegucigalpa from such a vantage point was truly incredible. We could even see the small landing of the airport from the height! Afterwards we had to say our goodbyes to the Mission House and those staying behind, for we had a day of travel ahead of us. We went from Tegucigalpa to Miami, and then from Miami to Kansas City. Landing at home and seeing our loved ones once more, we were filled with the incredible weight of all we had seen and all we had felt in the week of service in Honduras. 

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