Author of Today’s Post is Chris

We are having another fantastic day on the island. At this point, we are all starting to get into a routine.

This morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, fresh fruit, boiled eggs, orange juice and local coffee.

Afterward, we headed to the Church to start day 2 of our projects there. We were able to finish building shelves for the storage room, painting the “garage,” sorting through the contents of both, and then organizing/putting everything away.

Alfonso was back again today and completed painting of the breezeway while Mike and Jordan worked on cleaning up the roof. While cleaning the roof, they discovered two fledgling pigeons that were not ready to leave the nest. It was amazing to see Jordan gently pick the baby birds and their nest up & lower them down to Mike, who relocated the babies across the street.

Unfortunately the high pressure power washer hose busted so we were not able to get the roof over the breezeway washed. However, several members of the team still did their best at sweeping it clean.

While we accomplished a lot, we were also not able to get the roof over the front hallway sealed due to rain. But, we are hoping that the rain takes care of further “washing” the breezeway roof. The rain has given us a nice break from the heat & will allow us to spend a little more quality time with each other, as well as renew & recharge for our day tomorrow when we shift gears and head to a local school to work.