Author of Today’s Post is Chris

Example of Mexican Dominos

Because we finished a bit early due to rain yesterday, last night several of us learned how to play Mexican dominos and had a great time ! Who knew dominos could have so many dots?? You can really get to know your fellow team members (Lauren, Judy, Braiden, Ben, Chris, & Michelle) when you engage in some friendly competition. 

Up to this point, we have been having breakfast at 7 a.m. and then arriving at the Church by 8 a.m. Today, because we are going to the school instead we didn’t have to arrive on location until 8:30. 

That allowed us to have some time before we left to explore so a few team members (Ben, Braiden, Jordan, and Lauren) went hiking to observe some of the trails and caves surrounding the camp. 

On the way towards the school, we stopped at a local grocery store to purchase snacks for our mid-day break. There were several of us that struck up conversations with some of the locals and shared why we are here, and which church specifically we are serving (Samuel Culpepper). It was awesome to see and hear the appreciation from those we spoke with. We then piled back into the van on to our destination.

Today is our first day at the school; the name of the school is Escuela Superior Padre Anibal Reyes Belen (it’s a high school). The school is amazing! It serves 800 high school students and is the biggest in the area.

Our project is to work on the music room. The hope is that when we are finished, it will be usable as a sound studio, the only one of it’s kind locally. 

We are starting by gluing cardboard egg cartons on one wall. Who knew that this is such a popular thing to do?! Some of our team members looked up the process on Google and found photos of other schools doing the same thing. 

Later, some of our team will be lowering the lights and ceiling. 

So far things are progressing nicely. 

We accomplished so much today that we are splitting up and a couple of our team will be finishing up the breezeway project at the church while the rest of us carry on at the school.

¡Hasta mañana!