Author of Today’s Post is Chris

We had a very productive day yesterday!  We left the school & headed to the Church for a hot lunch. Ben & his son Braiden stayed at the Church after lunch to work on the breezeway. Those of us who went back to the school after lunch split up in to 2 groups: Judy, Lauren, Jordan, Mike & Don continued working on the sound studio while Michelle, Dave, and Chris helped Myrna (a member of the Samuel Culpeper Church who is also a Spanish Teacher at the school) clean up her new classroom. 

Myrna has been assigned a new room, which still had the contents of the previous teacher in it. It also had some damage throughout and a few unwanted visitors (mice!) that we had to contend with.  We now find ourselves at day 6; only one day left to work on our projects. We started today in 3 groups: one team at the Church (Ben, Braiden, and Mike) and 2 teams at the school. When we arrived at the school, we found a Church member Janitza waiting for us, ready to help. Judy, Lauren, Jordan, & Dave worked in the music room sound studio while Michelle, Chris, Myrna, & Janitza worked on Myrna’s classroom. 

All 3 teams made significant progress and we are hopeful that tomorrow we will be able to complete the majority if not all of each of them.

Waterfall in Puerto Rico

Once we were back at camp, we took advantage of our last opportunity to go visit some local water falls that are a short drive from the campsite after dinner. The falls were absolutely amazing! And all the scenery was gorgeous. Even though it made for a longer evening, it was definitely worth it. A gem enjoyed by the locals that they were willing to share with us.

Once back at camp, we had a really fun devotional exercise where we wrote a thought to each team member they will be to take with them.

Looking forward to our last day of work tomorrow!