Author of Today’s Post is Chris

This is it, our last working day of this mission trip. Once again we split in to 3 groups to get as much done as we can on our projects from yesterday. Today we worked a half day so that we could prepare for our evening celebration with Pastor Eric & other members of the local congregation. 

Michelle & Chris worked on Myrna’s classroom to get one more section of wall painted. We were able to scrape & prep the walls as well as paint a first coat on the new section. Michelle also went back & painted a second coat on the first main wall we initially painted. Gayle & Michelle were also able to hang the electronic whiteboard back on the main front wall. Needless to say Myrna was ecstatic with the amount of work we were able to get done in her classroom, particularly since this was a “bonus project.”

Jordan, Lauren, & Judy were able to virtually finish gluing the egg cartons to all the walls while Don, Dave, & Pastor David made more progress on lowering the ceiling and hanging new lights. 

Back at the Church, Ben, Braiden, and Mike were able to paint the front fence and breezeway. They completed sealing the roof on the hallway as well as did some additional repairs to the breezeway.

On our way from the school to our last lunch at the Church, we stopped at a bakery to get some goodies for the celebration tonight to show our appreciation to the local congregation for hosting us.

This has been an AMAZING experience and we are all grateful for the opportunity to have served the people of Puerto Rico.