2019 July Costa Rica Team, Day 1

Author of Today’s Post is Elle

Pura Vida Hotel which means pure life. A well lived is a life with meaning.

Many of our team members arrived on different flights so little by little we have been regrouping.  Yesterday several team members arrived and we stayed at Puda Vida a beautiful hotel that has the most tranquil atmosphere.   We then packed our luggage and headed to the Methodist campsite which is a little closer to town.  Once there a few other team members arrived.  Once everyone was unpacked we walked to the Parqué Central which is the Central Park. It’s a beautiful area in the middle of town where people go to sit with their families, break-dance, sit and chat with strangers and much more.  We headed to the market where we had a great lunch consisting of a variety of menu items many of which are typical local food items such as rice, beans, meat choice and side salad. It was not only delicious but pretty inexpensive. 

Parque Central full of mango trees and people enjoying being out and meeting new friends.

The last two members arrived safely and we met them at the Parqué Central.  We had an amazing time getting to know each other, visiting the Cultural Museum, Old Cathedral and getting drinks at Musi the convenience store across from the park.  For dinner we walked to the Jalapeños restaurant that is owned by Norman from Queens New York.   Not to be mistaken by Brooklyn. Touchy subject.  Haha.  After dinner we walked back to the campsite had our devotional and debrief and shared what lead us to sign up for the trip.  No one can deny GOD was totally involved.  Looking forward to our day tomorrow. Hasta luego (until next time)

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