Rick (left) on Sunday as part of a skit during worship which launched the children bible study program.

Author of Today’s Post is Elle

We woke up early this Sunday and had some breakfast. Afterward, we got ready for our 2 hour church service. We walked into music playing and people smiling and welcoming us with hugs and kisses. When we got seated, we heard the pastor speak and Elisa translated for us. After church, they fed us lunch which consisted of fried rice and beans, salad, chips, and peach tea. It was also the kick off to their new children’s bible program, so they had two clowns perform and even brought Rick up on stage. They had two huge bouncy houses where the kids could jump around, face painters, cotton candy machine, and PB&J’s and juice. We all helped out too. Later on, at the camp, Will, who owns the camp, spoke to us about what our purpose was on this trip and how this week was going to go. Many members of the church came to listen and eat pizza with all of us. He then spoke about worship, prayer, service, fellowship, and witness. Those were the 5 things he said that made a church, a church. Then, he and his wife Yolanda, sang to us, prayed for us, and talked about the meaning of these mission trips. We ended our night with another devotional in which we talked about the part in the Wesley covenant where it says “let me be full, let me be empty” and what that really means and how to live that out.